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Quaint Magazine Issue Five

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A drag queen discovers her father in the audience at a late-night show. Apocalyptic acne alters the course of a young person's life. Animals become talismans, omens, and wards against harm. Kidneys are removed in bathtubs. A date goes well/really badly [choose your own adventure!]. A young girl struggles to understand sex through Jesus and romance novels.

Featuring cover art by the phenomenal Inés Estrada, Quaint Issue 5 radiates and pulses with a unique, animalistic energy. With works by Nordette N. Adams, Sara Biggs Chaney, Sarah Boyle, Yu-Han Chao, Tessa Cheek, Tyrese Coleman, Juliet Cook, Isabelle Davis, Shelby Dale DeWeese, Amy Fant, Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Deanne Gertner, Naadeyah Haseeb, Jessie Janeshek, H Kapp-Klote, Elizabeth Kohler, Olivia Olson, Nichole Riggs, Elaina G. Smith, Lauren Thurman, Lydia Spitler, Michelle Lin, Anna Maxymiw, and Sonya Vatomsky, Issue 5 is a visceral, cut-throat, punch-in-the-gut celebration of what it means to be a real-deal human being.